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Marketing and Branding Agency

Vast Marketing Solutions is a marketing and branding agency in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our clients count on us to create beloved brands and extraordinary marketing experiences. Our goal is to help you gain notoriety in the marketplace resulting in loyal customers and raving fans for the life of your business.

Over 7 billion people inhabit our planet today, and each one of us is unequivocally unique. Each of our personal experiences and our environmental influences shapes who we are, how we think, interpret, react, make choices, and influence others throughout our lifetime.

For businesses, this means that to be successful you must be able to look past the generalities and assumptions of basic demographics. By understanding what drives individuals, as well as groups and societies, knowing what they want, what they believe, what motivates them, and what ultimately leads them to make a purchase is how great companies succeed.

With our knowledge of how the human mind works and through the emergence of new scientific research from behavioral economics, sensory and emotional marketing, and neuromarketing, Vast Marketing Solutions marketing and branding agency services provide you with an arsenal of expertise to connect you with your customers. We build stronger brands, distinctive marketing campaigns, and engaging design collateral to reach new customers, and retain current customers – thus allowing you to garner a larger market share and grow your business.

Branding Creative


Vast Marketing Solutions will build the perfect brand to reach your target market. We assess your company holistically, giving us an insider perspective of your business. Our assessment will provide us with the information we need to develop a powerful brand that will effectively portray your company’s distinct services and product offerings.

Consumer Marketing


Every business is different, and making sure your marketing message is on target with your customer base is critical! Vast Marketing Solutions creates fresh and exciting marketing experiences through the application of consumer psychology and social dynamics to develop emotionally engaging campaigns that resonate in the hearts and minds of your customers.



Today’s research in the field of neuromarketing has brought to light how human emotions drive and influence us as consumers; from how we perceive a product or service, to how and why we make our buying decisions. Vast Marketing Solutions uses the science of neuromarketing to take the guesswork out of marketing focusing on the biological mechanics of consumer thinking.

Sensory Marketing Services


Whether your company offers a service or a product, your brand can benefit from sensory marketing. Companies are often surprised what elements and techniques can be incorporated into their brand identity and marketing to reach consumers on an emotional level. Our marketing and branding agency will help you to connect with your customer’s senses.

Marketing and Branding Agency