About Vast

Endless Ideas. Endless Solutions.


Vast Marketing Solutions is a 100% woman-owned marketing and branding consulting company located in North Raleigh. The company provides solutions for businesses seeking to build incredible brands and dynamic marketing experiences to reach their customers. From brand development, graphic design, content marketing, social media, and web design, we provide a vast array of solutions to help you meet your business needs and sales goals.

We promise to treat your company as if it were our own, by providing you with the most ethical and sound advice to help you to realize a return on your marketing and branding investment.
- Marnie Settle, President of Vast Marketing Solutions

Our Mission: Vast Marketing Solutions helps companies of all sizes to find their individual brand identity and to align their marketing practices towards their ideal target markets through the use of the latest scientific research in the fields of neuromarketing, sensory and behavioral marketing.

Our Purpose: To provide and make accessible marketing and branding consulting services to successfully market and brand to consumers that engage them on an emotional level.

Our Philosophy: “Personally Vested” We believe that to deliver the best marketing and branding consulting services to our clients, we must take an intensely personal interest in the success of your business., treating it as if it were our own.

Our Values:

  • Respect– To treat all humans as equals and with the highest amount of respect.
  • Thankfulness- To acknowledge even the smallest of things to be thankful for in every aspect of our lives.
  • Share Knowledge – To selflessly share knowledge with others to encourage growth.
  • Connection – To be mindful of our connection to all human beings and how we can work together to make great things happen.
  • Humor – To find ways every day to put a smile on someone’s face.
  • Perception – To always be aware that each person’s perception of the world will always be as unique as they are.
  • Value Creation – To create value through the highest level of care and service to each of our clients.
What Makes Us Special

We take a holistic approach when working with each of our clients. We assess your business as a whole. We take care to consider every aspect of your company's culture, processes, products, and services providing you with a systemic evaluation that will help us to understand your brand identity, identify challenges, and provide you with qualified solutions.


Because we are deeply invested in our clients' success, we offer a vast array of marketing and branding consulting tools and services enabling you reach your business goals. Our clients have the peace of mind and the luxury of knowing they can count on us to seamlessly handle all of their marketing and branding needs with one point of contact.


We are a 100% woman-owned and operated company. As a minority business, we are able to help our clients meet their requirements for utilizing and hiring minority businesses.