As a respected marketing and branding expert with over 22 years of experience, Marnie Settle has worked and consulted for clients across the United States. Marnie’s focus is to provide clients with creative ways to stay ahead of their competitors, effectively targeting their customers while reaching their marketing, branding and sales goals.

Marnie has always been intrigued by what triggers people in making their buying decisions and has become a trusted expert in the area of consumer psychology, sociology, neuromarketing, behavioral marketing, and sensory marketing. Marnie is a creative problem solver, and idea generator – constantly seeking to develop relevant and forward-thinking strategies that lead her clients to the forefront of their audience.

Although Marnie missed her calling as rock star, she still commands an audience as if she were one. Marnie loves people, entertaining them and making them laugh. When you’re around Marnie, you are likely to find her doing something silly, or just bossing people around – both come naturally to her.