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What Is Sensory Marketing?

Brain science is incredibly important when it comes to successful marketing and branding. In a time when consumers are inundated with so many choices, it’s very difficult for companies to find their way out of the weeds and to the mountain top. With every brand vying for our attention and spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars attempting to dominate their industry, it’s crucial for brands to understand the role of brain science as it relates to marketing and branding.

Over the past two decades, researchers in the field of brain science have identified the correlation and importance of the human senses and the role they play in consumer buying behavior. Through research performed in the field of Neuromarketing, researchers have found that when something appeals to our senses it affects us on an emotional level. What we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell throughout our daily experiences and interactions resonate within our subconscious minds, each evoking an emotional response. Depending on the type of emotional reaction determines the basis for the choices we make.

Through the use of carefully orchestrated Sensory Marketing techniques, brands can form emotional and subconscious connections in the mind of the consumer by appealing to their senses and influence their buying behavior. Ultimately, this is about creating emotionally compelling experiences for the consumer by igniting the senses. Brands tend to fail often because the consumer feels that their experience with that brand does not live up to its promises. The best brands understand this and consistently create products and services, which deliver meaningful and enchanting experiences across all the senses.

Emotional Ads Work Best:

Researchers determined that emotional ad campaigns garner larger profit gains over rational or rational and emotional combined ads.

Emotional Advertising

Whether your company offers a service or a product, your brand can benefit from sensory marketing. Companies are often surprised what elements and techniques can be incorporated into their brand identity and marketing to reach consumers on an emotional level. Contact us to learn more about how to increase market awareness and profits with carefully crafted sensory marketing campaigns.



With our specialized marketing techniques and incredibly unique ideas, we create unforgettable customer experiences. Our goal is to help you to capture the attention of your customers and leave them with a positive and lasting impression that ultimately results in increased sales and brand notoriety.

Touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell -

Touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell -

The more senses that can be ignited to invoke a positive emotional response, the more likely customers will be to make a purchase.
33% of U.S. consumers are loyal to brands that engage them in “multi-sensory” experiences
Only 5% of companies use touch, taste, sound, and smell in their marketing campaigns, leaving a huge opportunity for brands to reach their customers in more unique ways.

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