social media

The True Value of Social Media

Sometimes companies overlook or take for granted the high value of using social media to generate brand awareness and increase sales. By posting valuable content that your target markets are interested in social media can help to drive traffic to your website, drive sales, and build long-term relationships with customers. Here are few ways that social media can help you grow your business.

Establish Brand Awareness:
Through the repetitive promotion of your company, your products, and services you can keep your business at the forefront of your customer’s minds. It takes a minimum of three impressions for a person to recognize and remember your brand, and social media offers an inexpensive way to stay in front of your customers, so they will never forget you. Even if your client’s don’t make a purchase right away, your brand is embedded in their subconscious so when they do need a product or service they will turn to you first.

Open Communication:
Social media offers a direct connection between you and your customers providing you with an authentic and real-time open line of communication. Reaching out to customers for their input and feedback, let’s them know that you care and can be a valuable tool for you to gather insight into what your customers want, need, like, or dislike. Building these types of one-on-one relationships with your clients instills a sense of honesty, trust, and transparency giving your brand a more humanized feeling. Customers are loyal to brands that they find to be relatable and trustworthy and therefore will be more willing to follow and share your social media posts with friends that can lead to increased brand awareness and sales.

Increased Traffic:
Social media serves as a fantastic way to direct visitors to your site to learn more about your company and what you offer. Targeted social media campaigns allow you to quickly notify customers of new products, special promotions, news, events, and more. Creating social media posts that have a direct link to “read more” on your website or a call to action that takes customers to your site is an excellent way to get them to not only visit your site but also to click around to see what else you have to offer and ultimately drive sales.

Search Engine Visibility:
Though Google does not consider social media as a parameter to rank websites, social media profiles themselves do rank on Google. Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles each rank on Google. They may even be among the top results on a page. So, maintaining these profiles and keeping them current is important. If a customer is searching for your business, your social media profile pages could be among the first results they see. Each of your profile pages, therefore, serves as an avenue for customers to find you, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and the number of backlinks pointing to your site which will help with your ranking.

Remember, social media isn’t something to take for granted. Using these profile pages and posting great content means you can connect with a larger pool of prospects and customers by creating a community. Ultimately, this means more people are exposed to the content you’re posting, creating a higher likelihood that your content will be shared, drive more visitors to your website, as well as increased brand awareness – all of which can improve your bottom line.